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Alley 64 - August 2nd, 2012
With Darryl Markette
Show Time: 7pm to 11pm
2001-2009 N Rand Rd
Palatine, IL 60074

Port of Blarney - August 4th, 2012
With Tanglewood Tales
Show Time: 3pm to 7pm

B.G. Days - Rotary Village Green
September 2nd, 2012
With Tanglewood Tales
Show Time : 8pm to 9:15pm
Buffalo Grove,  Illinois 60089

The Lucky Monk - Sept.  7th, 2012
W/ Purple Locomotive
ShowTime: 8pm to Midnight

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This section is dedicated to the memory of my “BIG” brother... Eric W. Hutchings.
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MARAHOUE’ MUSIC VIDEO BY MEHLE & HUTCHhttp://www.youtube.com/user/HutchEntertainment?feature=mhee
MARAHOUE' the first single from the MEHLE & HUTCH. How does two guys in a Northern Suburb of Illinois end up writing a song about a National Park in Southwest Africa?  A very interesting question. One if you would have asked me a few weeks ago, I would have probably laughed at you.  I believe that this song was one of those special moments that happens when all the stars align just right.  Here is how, MARAHOUE' came to be created.

For the last few months, I have been working with my musical cohort, Russ Mehle.  We've been hard at work recording some drum tracks for some new material I had been creating, when Russ approached me with an idea to write, record, and create a video for a song that would highlight his drumming for a seminar that he would soon be giving.  Over the course of the next month and a half we wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered, and edited what is to be, MARAHOUE'. 

We began by sitting down and hashing out some ideas.  He said that he wanted the song to be in a very odd time signature 7/8.  I introduced another time change in the chorus 6/8, thus the tune was born.  I asked Russ, 'What do you want to call it?'  Russ really hadn't thought that far ahead...so we just called it, 'Seven' for the time being.

For the next few weeks we set to recording the song, but we still didn't have a good title for it.  I had an idea, I told him what if we took 7/8 and 6/8 and turned them into degrees and see what we find under those coordinates on the globe and name it whatever we find under those; He was all for the idea.  

So, the next morning I found N7 degree longitude and  W6 degrees latitude and found the point was in Southwest Africa...a national park to be exact... MARAHOUE' National Park.  The next few days I researched the park and realized that the park has shrunk considerably over the years.  Mainly do to the human populous encroaching on it's borders, destroying it precious forests and open wetlands. 

Many of the elephant population had been decimated over the years do to poachers seeking ivory from these majestic animals.  And do to the extensive destruction of the forest, the chimpanzee is becoming ever closer to extinction.  As I read I found my heart filled with sadness and anger over what has been happening in this beautiful part of the world.  That is when I thought that the name of the song should be called, MARAHOUE'. 

When Russ and I got together again to mix the track, I told him of my discovery and thought we should make the video about this park and all the wildlife that is being threatened by ever increasing human encroachment.  He thought it was a great idea and the name and the idea for the song was finalized... MARAHOUE'. 

Like the video says, the purpose of this is to bring awareness to our part of the world, to the serious threats facing much of Africa's wildlife.  We specifically wanted to show the majesty of these amazing animals that have been struggling against the onslaught of ivory hunters and the carelessness of disconnected human beings.  

In contrast, you have those who spend their lives trying to protect these animals and their habitat, but find themselves grossly out numbered, out supplied, and out funded.  I felt a strong sense of moral responsibility to bring this issue to the attention of those in my corner of the world.  Perhaps together we can help, even if it's in the smallest way possible.  

Thank you for watching and doing what you can in your part of the world to help be good stewards of this one and only precious planet that we all call home.

Mehle & Hutch

March 30th, 2012
12:15 a.m.
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You can own a MP3 copy of ‘MARAHOUE’with a minimum donation of $1.00.  All revenue generated from the song will be then donated to various Wildlife funds. Read below for more information.
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You can own a MP3 copy of ‘THUNDER AIN’T RAIN’ with a minimum donation of $1.00. Your generous gift will help me continue to make the music and videos that you see here.  Thank you for you kindness and support!
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